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Buy it Sell it Want it
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  • Have you found a piece of equipment you want to buy, but want to make sure you receive the equipment in good order before parting with your hard-earned dosh?
  • Or are you selling machinery, but want paid before you despatch it to the buyer?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then protect your money and your machinery by using our “Hold until you’re Happy” service, which acts like an Escrow account , when we act as an intermediary on both party’s behalf. Only when both parties are satisfied, does the funds to the recipient be released.

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  • Please note, we do not offer this service outside the UK mainland.
  • We will only provide this service to Companies registered with the UK Companies House for at least 3 years; and are VAT registered.
  • All payments sent and received must ONLY be deposited into a UK Business Account.
  • Buy it Sell it Want it, although acting as an intermediary, cannot be held liable for equipment not being as described, ie broken, not working etc
  • We reserve the right to ban any company or individual from our site that violates the trust aspect of our community