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Please use our Call Back function if you would like help with :

  • Placing adverts on Buy it! Sell it! Want it?, and you are not sure how to go about it.
  • Promoting your company or products on our site.
  • Informing us of an issue you are having with Buy it! Sell it! Want it?, or indeed a complaint about our service.
  • Improving our service to our clients.

Please note we will NOT call you if :

  • You want to know who is selling any particular equipment. Please use the "Contact Seller" facility for information pertaining to an advert.
  • You are not in the United Kingdom or Eire. Please email us instead at with your query.
  • The enquiry is about Buy it! Sell it! Want it? buying and selling machines on your company’s behalf. We do not sell equipment. We let our customers do that!
  • You do not provide a land-line number, country of origin and email address when requesting a "Call back"
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